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useit.competition: Redesign Contest

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The useit.competition is a mental exersise in the form of a public contest for the imaginary redesign of the world famous website

This is an open, friendly contest and early arrivers will be able to edit and improve their designs until the very end. We'd prefer to see development happening out in the open.

Links to contestants (and even the entries themselves) will be posted in this space as soon as applicable.

The Objective

To redesign and improve upon the current design of Jakob Nielsen's website in the way contestants best see fit.

Entries will be evaluated with regards to:

  • Usability
  • Simplicity
  • Look and Feel
  • Technical Elegance
  • Overall Excellence

    How to Enter

  • Design and code a working demo of your own redesign proposal.
  • Publish the design somewhere on your site
  • Send us e-mail and we'll link to your entry.

    (We can also host entries on the useit.competition website - if needed - static pages only.)

    Contest Rules

  • Anyone can enter (except members of the judging panel). Multiple entries are allowed.
  • Closing date for entries is January 17th 2001, midnight (GMT). Changes made to remotely hosted entries after that time cause disqualification.
  • Design for the same type of content there already is on
  • Don't use copyrighted text/images for the demo pages. Lorem ipsum is preferred.
  • Be serious. This is a serious contest. Derogatory entries and entries found to be in bad taste will not be accepted.
  • robots.txt files and/or appropriate tags must be deployed to keep search engines from indexing the entries.

    (More detailed rules coming soon.)

    Judging Panel and Prizes

    Both are undecided yet, but we're open to good ideas.

    Are you interested in judging? Tell us


    This site and the contest are in no way connected to Mr Jakob Nielsen himself, nor does he neccessarily know/approve of any of this.

    About this Site

    Why choose for redesign?
    Why this site looks similar to
    Who's behind this redesign contest?

  • News

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    January 19, 2001 #
    Well the closing date for the competition passed and nothing much happened. More specificly: No contest entries arrived.
    Who's fault was that? Well, both mine and yours too. I didn't put enough time or effort into promoting this silly little competition, nor were there enough opinionated designers out there willing to put their design-effort where their mouths are!
    Are we disappointed? Of course not!. And if any of you were/were working on an actual redesign, hold on to it. Don't throw it away as I have some neat plans for this site - even though the competition didn't get off the ground.
    Hold on to your seats for a little bit longer

    December 10, 2000 #
    Wow! while we were looking the other way the competition got linked to at Scripting News and Eatonweb. Tons of visitors coming in (Hi!) and lots of people have signed up for update notifications and several more poeple have offered to be judges. All I need now is a sign from you people if there are going to be any actual entries or not.
    On prizes: I don't really think prizes are neccessary at all. The glory and the fame should be enough :) I'll start looking for something cute/funny to use as a prize. I'll keep you posted.

    November 14, 2000 #
    Great news! are linking to us (hi visitors!) and Mr. Zeldman himself says he's willing to be part of the distinguished judging panel! So get to work people - redesign!
       20:00 gmt: We're looking for judges. Interested people should let themselves be known.
       20:05 gmt: We've started "the fade". Every day the the site will fade a little bit from the original Nielsen-ish colors, towards a totally different color scheme near the end of the contest. A gradual meta-redesign for you.
       23:55 gmt: Here are a few more thoughts on the competition. archive...


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